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We are committed to providing the best quality product possible…every time. Our premium meats are smoked low ‘n’ slow and seasoned with our unique rubs and sauces.
While you’re here, relax and enjoy our friendly service and the warm atmosphere that pays homage to those that devote their energies and resources to the art of BBQ.
We have served the BBQ community by officiating professional BBQ events, as Kansas City Barbeque Society representatives, becoming certified barbeque judges, hosting multiple barbeque events, and winning 300+ awards on the barbeque circuit.

Our Awards

Featured Dishes

fresh from our smoker

All meals available while supplies last. 

Pork Steak

One of our most popular items… a 32 oz. thick cut, fork-tender pork steak, smoked to perfection.


Try our exclusive cut St. Louis spare ribs, your choice 4 rib, half slab, or full slab. 

Burnt Ends

Treat yourself to our slow-smoked, caramelized cubes of brisket. Get them while they last!

Smokehouse Burger

1/2lb certified angus beef patty smoked and charbroiled, with American cheese, pulled pork, bacon BBQ sauce & and onion ring… A house specialty.

They all our food

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