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We offer a variety of catering options, from bulk orders for a family gathering, an in-house  corporate event, box lunches for the team or special occasions, such as weddings, graduation or that milestone birthday. Your event is special and we would be honored to be a part of the celebration. Our team can assist with any questions you may have and help tailor your event to meet your unique needs. Feel free to fill out the form below or contact us by phone at (618) 656-6060. Let us attend to the food, so you can focus on the rest!

The Meats

Average 3 persons per lb. 

We recommend 4 people to a pound for lunch, and 3 people to a pound for dinner. 

The Sides

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Item Pint (Serves 2-3) Quart (serves 4-6) 1/2 Pan (Serves (20-24)
Potato Salad $6.00 $10 $28.50
BBQ Baked Beans $6.00 $10 $28.50
Green Beans $6.00 $10 $28.50
Creamy Cole Slaw $6.00 $10 $28.50
Corn Casserole $6.00 $10 $28.50
Mac 'N Cheese $6.00 $10 $28.50
Cucumber Salad $6.00 $10 $28.50
Extra Sauce $6.50 $13.00